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Updated Jan. 22/2021

DVSA community,

With Hamilton in the lockdown (Grey) stage within the provincial COVID-19 Opening Framework along with a province-wide stay-at-home order until February 10, the DVSA facility is closed. Our administrative team is available, working off-site. We have access to the school phones and can answer inquiries and complete registrations at 905-628-6357 #0 during these times:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

We can also be contacted by email at and registrations for our Winter term and March Break Art Camps can be completed online at

We have made a number of modifications to ensure our students, as much as possible, are able to continue taking art classes for the Winter session.

Here is our updated plan:

  • Classes initially offered in an Online format are continuing as originally scheduled.
  • Most classes scheduled to be in-person at the school are pivoting and being offered online. You can view our full list of classes now being offered online and register by visiting and choosing Winter 2021 – Online. Or call us at 905-628-6357 #0.
    If we are cleared to re-open the school and can resume classes in the studios, we will consult with each class for consensus on whether participants would prefer to remain online or return to the school. Barring unforeseen circumstances, your course should be able to run for its normal duration. While our Art Auction, scheduled for April 12-17, presents some limitations as to how long we can extend studio classes into March, we’re optimistic we can fit it all in.
  • Pottery programs are now scheduled to begin after February 10th and will extend until the end of March. We are expecting we may need to shorten some Pottery classes accordingly and issue credits for unused tuition. More information to come.
  • Unfortunately, some programs, given that the content cannot readily be moved online are being postponed or cancelled. Please see below for the details of postponed and cancelled classes. If your class is not listed below, it is being moved online or we are anticipating it will still be able to run as scheduled once the lockdown ends.   

If you feel these modifications will not work for you and wish to withdraw from your program, please email us at

Questions? We can be reached at or 905-628-6357 #0.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work with these new restrictions. Stay safe, everyone.

– The DVSA Team 

Postponed until DVSA Reopens: 

3A55-A & B Pottery for the Petrified
3A56-A Introduction to Pottery
3A56-B Introduction to Pottery
3A56-C Introduction to Pottery
3A56-D Introduction to Pottery
3A56-E Introduction to Pottery
3A56-F Introduction to Pottery
3A56-G Introduction to Pottery
3A57 Clay Freestyle
3A58 Good Morning Potters
3A59 Pottery Studio Thursday (Int/Adv)
3A60 Handbuilding 101 and Beyond
3A64 Pottery Open Studio


Cancelled Winter Programs: 
Credits/refunds will be offered for these programs. If your program is not listed here, it is being moved online or we are anticipating it will still be able to run as scheduled once the lockdown ends.


3C01-A & B First Art 2-4
3C02 Colour Blast 4-6
3C04 Northern American Treasures in Time – Homeschool 4-8
3C05-A Weekend Wonders 4-5
3C06-A Saturday Drawing & Painting 5-7
3C07-A&B Saturday Pottery 6-8
3C08 Parent & Child Handbuilding 7+
3C10 Beginner’s Drawing 7+ Online
3C11 Draw & Paint 7+ Online
3C14 Parent & Child Watercolour 7+
3C15 Acrylic Painting for Kids 7+ Online
3C16 Oil Painting for Teens 11+
3C17-A Teen Drawing & Painting 11+
3C17-C Teen Drawing & Painting 11+ Online
3C18 Teen Pottery 11+
3C19 Introduction to Cartoon Animation 11+
3C20 Cartoon Animation Part 2 11+
3C21 Teen Portrait Drawing 11+
3C22 Teen Photoshop & Illustrator for Teens 11+
3C24 Teen Watercolour 11+
3C25 Art Beyond High School 15-18


3A02- A & B Beginner’s Drawing
3A03-B Beginner’s Drawing Primers-Rendering the Figure
3A04 Portrait Drawing First Steps
3A06-A&B Port Drawing & Painting
3A07 Portrait As Homage
3A09 Still Life: Drawing & Composition
3A10 Drawing at the Museum
3A11 Pastels for Beginner’s
3A12 Pastels Beyond
3A13 Life Drawing First Steps
3A14-A&B Life Drawing Portfolio Prep
3A15 Life Drawing In Colour
3A16 Life Workshop
3A17 The Costume Model in Colour
3A18 From Abstract Drawing to Painting
3A19 Drawn to Abstraction
3A21 Open Studio Workshop
3A23-A Beginner Watercolour
3A27-A Expressive Abstract Watercolour
3A37-A Landscape Oil or Acrylic
3A41-C Beginner’s Abstract Painting
3A42 Abstract Next Steps Online
3A49 Every Painting Tells a Story
3A51 Independent Painting
3A52 Get Into Alcohol Ink
3A62 The Handbuilt Teapot
3A63 Sgraffito WS
3A65 Portrait Sculpture
3A66 Introduction to Soapstone
3A67 Advanced Soapstone Carving
3A68 Introduction to Wire Sculpture
3A70-A&B Intro Digital Photography
3A72 Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Classic
3A73 Urban Photography
3A75 Introduction to Mosaics
3A77-A Introduction to Glass Blowing
3A78 Introduction to Stained Glass
3A80-A Stained Glass Workshop- Snowflakes
3A81 Rings in Precious Metal Clay
3A82-A Precious Metal Clay Pendant
3A84-A&B Art History Italian Renaissance
3A85 Calligraphy for Beginner’s
3A88 Beginner’s Quilting for Artist’s
3A89-B Introduction to Needle Felting










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