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DVSA is hiring a Visual Arts Director

Overview – Founded in 1964, Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA), an independent visual arts school, is a registered charity with an operating budget of approximately $3M, a 14 person administrative staff and 100 part time faculty members.  Supported by a DVSA Strategic Plan 2021-2026, DVSA is committed to nurturing an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment for everyone who learns and works at the school.

DVSA’s Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Priorities

Purpose of the Role – The Visual Arts Director (VAD) is a new position for DVSA. The VAD will take on the challenge of developing and articulating a recognizable artistic vision for DVSA including the development of an accredited academic program. The VAD should have a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the contemporary art scene including formal visual arts training.  They should be an artist with the knowledge, experience and professional connections to provide leadership for all aspects of DVSA visual arts programming and academic curriculum development including leadership and management of about 100 faculty members.  They will act as a passionate advocate for DVSA and arts education in the region, province and country. The VAD will work in partnership with the Executive Director (ED) The VAD will report to the Executive Director (ED) who is accountable for all DVSA operational leadership and management issues.

Key Responsibilities

  1. The VAD will work collaboratively with the Board and the Executive Director (ED) to develop a 5-year plan (in alignment with the DVSA Strategic Plan 2021-2026), to enhance DVSA’s programs and curriculum thereby impacting the visual arts world. The VAD should be a strategic thinker and orientated to achieving the Vision. While the chief responsibilities of the VAD are program and curriculum oriented, it is imperative that the VAD work collaboratively and in partnership with the ED to achieve the Vision.
  1. The VAD will direct development of a comprehensive visual arts education program consistent with DVSA’s strategic plan – onsite, off site and online. The VAD will review, evaluate and modify (as required), the programs as well as the pedagogy to ensure a pathway for student development. The VAD will be responsible for development and implementation of accredited programming and will work with the ED to ensure compliance.
  1. The VAD will be accountable for leading, hiring, managing, evaluating and mentoring 100 faculty members in alignment with the Mission. As their schedule permits, they will also be open and willing to periodically teach classes at DVSA. They will develop and execute faculty engagement, retention and attraction strategies. The VAD will be a team builder fostering faculty development and networking and promoting the faculty members’ personal and organizational goals. They will ensure that the faculty are aware of and aligned with DVSA’s Vision and Strategic Plan.
  1. The VAD role requires excellent communication skills, both written and verbal and administrative acumen. They will model DVSA Values in their interactions with others including the Board, staff, faculty, volunteers, donors and the wider community and serve as a spokesperson and representative of DVSA. The VAD will work collaboratively with the ED, the Directors of Development and Marketing and the Board.
  1. The VAD needs to be an innovative thinker who can leverage partnerships in the visual arts community, regionally, provincially, and nationally, in order to increase opportunities for advocacy, innovation and excellence and enhance DVSA’s profile in the visual arts world.


  1. University degree in Fine Arts or a related discipline, or equivalent.
  2. Demonstrated success as a working artist.
  3. Knowledge of visual arts program management, design and implementation.
  4. Highly developed communication, public relations and collaborative skills.
  5. Knowledge of DVSA’s history and role in the community with a preference given to a candidate involved in the arts community of Hamilton.
  6. Financial literacy.
  7. Proficiency in the use of computers.
  8. Experience teaching art at an accredited University or college level an asset.
  9. Experience in the not-for-profit environment and in working collaboratively with a Board of Directors an asset.

Applicants should provide their CV, samples from their portfolio or link to their website and a brief statement about what they could contribute to DVSA in this position.

Salary range is $85,000 – $95,000

Benefits include health benefits and a pension plan

Application deadline is April 6th, 2023

Submit online to


As an employer committed to employment equity, we encourage applications from members of equity-seeking communities including women, racialized and Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, and persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions.


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