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Join us for the

Trevor Hodgson Retrospective Exhibition

as we celebrate the life and work of this multitalented artist and the former Director of Dundas Valley School of Art.

Opening Night: Thursday, November 30th at 7:00pm 

Exhibition Dates: Thursday, November 30th – Sunday, January 21st


Trevor Hodgson Biography: 

A multitalented artist, art educator, musician, husband and father, Trevor served as Director of Dundas Valley School of Art from 1977-2000.  He was instrumental in building the school’s reputation as a leader in the regional and national arts community.  Known for his sense of humour and insightful mentorship, he developed strong friendships and connections throughout Hamilton and the greater community.

Career and DVSA 

Born in England, Trevor enrolled at The Lancaster College of Art to work towards a teaching diploma. Upon completion, he was conscripted into the Royal Air Force for two years and then was accepted into a highly regarded program at London University in order to further his education. Upon graduation, he quickly obtained a teaching position in a London high school.  

“The period spent in London broadened my approach to art. I obtained summer employment for about 3 years at the Artists’ International Association in SoHo and met and worked with most of the active and successful artists of the time. This was the period of my real art education.” 

Within a few years, Trevor was offered a position at the Blackpool College of Art in the UK, and later at Bellarmine College in Kentucky before making Canada his home in 1969.  

He taught drawing and painting at Queen’s University in Kingston and eventually moved to Hamilton to become Director of Dundas Valley School of Art. His 22 year tenure at DVSA (1977-2000) was characterized by the relaxed and highly creative environment he established, attracting prominent artists from across the country and fostering the growing reputation of the school.  

Jazz Musician 

Trevor was also a talented jazz musician, playing both the saxophone and clarinet. He performed widely in various bands throughout Canada and the US, and was even recognized in 1983 as an Honorary Citizen of New Orleans.  


Known primarily for his painting and printmaking, Trevor was also an early practitioner in xerography and sound art. His distinctly modernist paintings reflected his interest in design, melding abstraction and technicality. “For many years, I have been a painter – my main concern being to combine painterly technique with abstract ideas and a sense of design.” His work ranged from the whimsical to the philosophical, always presenting a thoughtful and personal reflection on the human condition.  

 “I think the best paintings are those where I look at the blank white surface for a while, take a brush dipped in colour, make a gesture without command, and let the results begin to excite me. Then I take control.” –  Hamilton Spectator, 2019. 

“Of the many artists who have inspired me, Paul Klee and Ben Nicholson have given me most pleasure.” 

Private and public collections, honours and awards 

Trevor’s work is included in many public and private collections including York University, UK; Bellarmine College, JB Speed Art Museum and State of Kentucky Collection, US; as well as Queen’s University, the Province of Ontario Collection, and the National Gallery of Canada.  

His photographic artwork has also been displayed at the Palais de Beaux Arts in Bruxelles, Canada House in London, and the Canadian Consulate in Paris. 

Trevor received numerous honours for his immense contribution to the local arts community over the years, including the Excellence in the Arts Award in 1983, the City of Hamilton Art Award 1991 and the Carnegie Arts Award in 1999.  


Trevor was a loving and adoring husband to Thelma. As a father to Sarah and Paul, he was the adventurer who led them around the world on his many journeys. His family grew as his children married; his daughter Sarah to Philip and his son Paul to Shelagh. He had two wonderful grandchildren, Molly and Caden, and many family members in the UK; Barrie, Alan, Gail, Craig and Claire.  

Trevor passed away in 2022 at the age of 91. 

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