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Sunny days, warmer weather and spring courses! We can’t wait!
It’s the season of rejuvenation, and that’s just what we’ve done, introducing 25 brand-new spring course options. Add those to our 153 regular courses for children, teens and adults, and it makes for one lively art-making term. Get down to your work with classes in Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Collage, Art History, Photography, Sculpture, Jewellery, Printmaking, Glass Art and more.

Visit our Classes page and look under Spring 2023 to see everything we’re offering.

Be sure to register early (before March 17th) so you qualify for a chance to win your class or workshop for FREE!

You can obtain your PDF of our Spring 2023 Brochure to see what courses and workshops we have this term. (Thank you to DVSA auction artist, Rossana Dewey for providing our Spring 2023 cover artwork!)
Download PDF

DVSA Memberships can be applied to Spring, offering great perks and advantages. Learn more about our DVSA Membership program here. Please purchase your membership first if you want to apply the benefits to Spring term courses.

Print copies of our Spring 2023 course brochure are now available at the school and will be available at select locations across the city, soon.








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