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Updated January 20/2022

We’re pleased to announce we’ll be re-opening the school facility on January 31 and resuming any postponed classes at 50% capacity. To minimize disruption, classes already running online will remain online for the remainder of the term. We’re also looking to add some new short term class options in the next week – more details to come!


With the province in a modified version of Step Two of the Roadmap to Reopen, the DVSA facility is closed until at least January 26. While this is not at all the way we hoped to start the new year, it is important we do everything we can to ensure the DVSA community is kept safe. Our administrative team remains available, working off-site.

Please note: The re-opening of elementary and high-schools unfortunately does not apply to DVSA and our art programs, which fall under a different category in the province’s modified version of Step Two of the Roadmap to Reopen.

We have made several modifications to ensure you can, as much as possible, continue to take art classes with us as we start the Winter term.

Here are our plans for going forward:

  • Classes initially offered in an Online format will begin as scheduled.
  • Most classes scheduled to be in-person at the school will pivot to being offered online to begin starting the week of January 10th – we require the extra week to coordinate the shift of courses online and to ensure all students have their class login to begin. Please watch for this information to come via email shortly.
  • The online format will continue until the restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to resume classes based on provincial guidelines. We will make modifications and adjustments wherever possible to ensure we can offer classes. Barring unforeseen circumstances, your course should be able to run for its normal duration. While our Art Auction, scheduled for April 4 – 9, presents some limitations as to how long we can extend studio classes into March, we’re optimistic we can fit it all in.
  • Adult Pottery programs have been re-scheduled to begin the week of January 31 (dependent upon restrictions) and will run for 9 weeks until the end of March (excluding the March Break week). If the closure is extended, we will need to shorten all Pottery classes accordingly and issue credits for unused tuition.
  • Unfortunately, some programs, given that the content cannot readily be moved online, will be postponed until DVSA is allowed to reopen. Other classes, we will have to cancel. Our team will be contacting students to provide more information on cancelled programs.
  • If you feel these modifications will not work for you and wish to withdraw from your program, please email us at These unexpected restrictions will once more impact our school operations and financial stability. If you’re in a position to do so, donations of tuition, either in-part or full, are greatly appreciated.

We apologize for the inconvenience created by these developments. We continue to work through our re-adjusted plans and will update this page as we have new information to share.  In the meantime, keep safe and keep the creativity flowing until we can re-open the studios once more.

– The DVSA Team





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