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Samantha O’Connell

Hons. B.A.

Creativity was always encouraged in my household, which resulted in my great passion for the arts. My education took place at McMaster University and I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Honours History. In addition, I was trained at the Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts as a Soprano vocalist. I have extensive on-stage experience in dance, acting and singing at venues such as Theatre Aquarius and Hamilton Place. My artwork specializes in pattern, abstract, line art and cartooning. It features considerable detailing, bold lines and soft shade colouring. My choice of media includes pencil, fine tip ink, pencil crayon, watercolour and acrylic paint. In addition, its subject matter often depicts nature, animals, fantasy creatures or children’s cartoons. I have always had an interest in children’s art and education. Everyday, they approach life, learning and drawing with optimism and creativity. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist.” I encourage children to explore their imagination and express themselves, through traditional and innovative artistic techniques.

Background, Exhibitions & shows

I have a multifaceted education in the arts that includes dance, music, drawing and painting. From 2002-2010, I received extensive private training in classical vocal techniques including Contemporary, Opera, Jazz, Folk and Celtic. My instruction took place at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts under the guidance of Tatiana Korotkova and Marta Greda-Kicek. I possess a Mid-Alto/High Soprano range and specialize in Classical and Celtic. My training progressed in the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts Youth Ensemble, and dance classes that included Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Ballet. I also gained extensive experience through the Triple Threat Theatre Program and Film/Acting lessons by Julianna Kuchocki. These programs led to many recitals and competitions with venues such as Channel 14, Theatre Aquarius, Canadian Football Hall of Fame, Ivor Wynn Stadium, and Hamilton Place. From 2008-2011, I studied at McMaster University and I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Honours History. I also obtained a minor in Religious Studies, and have had the opportunity to study Art and Music History. My career is orientated towards the arts, education and childcare. I have worked in programs such as The Arts Around the World Elementary School program, Camp Kadimah, and the YMCA. In 2013, I began working as a childcare provider in Toddler, Preschool and Before/After School Age programs at various locations such as Lawfield and Helen Detwiler Elementary School. This involves delivering high quality child care and education, while writing and implementing emergent programming and activities.

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