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DVSA Pop-Up Online Art Auctions feature pieces submitted for our to-be-rescheduled 50th Art Auction. All proceeds are split 50/50 between the school and the submitting artist. Feel free to bid high – you’re not only supporting the school at a time when funding is much needed, but also our local artists.

Our next auction is scheduled for June 11, featuring 25 all new artworks.


Things to know:

  • Auctions are run on the Charity Auctions Today online platform. You’ll need to provide an email address and phone number to place a bid and follow along. Notifications are sent each time a participant ups your bid on a piece.
  • The “Buy Now” option is available for some pieces. Participants who wish to purchase the artwork outright can do so for the preset amount. Popcorn bidding may be activated for some items and extend the bidding closing time for those pieces.
  • Successful bidders will be asked to make payment for their pieces on the auction site using a credit card. Please note that a 5% service fee (what the auction site charges) will be applied at checkout.
  • Artwork can be arranged to be picked up curb-side at DVSA or delivered curb-side anywhere in the Greater Hamilton Area. Shipment can be arranged for purchasers outside the GHA. Shipping fees are extra and to be paid by the purchaser.

Good luck and may your bids be successful.

Have comments or suggestions for us? Please let us know at

Submitting artists for our 50th Art Auction:We continue to offer our Pop-Up Online Art Auctions and will notify you in advance if we would like to include your work previously submitted for our 50th event. Once we are able to officially re-open, we will make a decision about the 50th auction and whether we will be able to hold a rescheduled event. Should you prefer, you will have the opportunity to pick up your submitted work.




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