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Renowned Czech artist Vojtěch Kubašta’s three dimensional “pop-up book” books have been published in over 22 languages with over 35 million copies sold worldwide. This unique family oriented exhibition features Kubašta’s pop-ups along with botanical works, paintings and drawings from Vojtěch’s early years and a rotating selection of his books.

The ultimate ingenuity of design is that all the paper marvels, everything—the stage set, scenery, puppet-like figures, props—fold flat and disappear as the pages and book are closed. And, even more exciting, each page comes instantly to life again as the book is opened and the pages turned. It is Kubašta magic, just like the fairy tales themselves. –Gerry Bohning

Vojtěch Kubašta (pronounced: Voy-tek Kubash-ta) graduated with a degree in architecture in 1938, yet his career as a professional architect was short. From the early 1940s, he worked as a commercial artist, and as a graphic book designer, his illustrations became increasingly popular. He was involved in designing advertising materials for Czechoslovakian products abroad, but for the Christmas season, he designed and illustrated many crèches that were exported all over the world. In 1956, he designed his first fairy tale pop-up book, Little Red Riding Hood. During the years that followed, Vojtěch’s three dimensional books made him a best-selling designer and illustrator.

November 7 – December 1, 2019.

This exhibition coincides with an accompanying free Artist Talk by Vojtěch’s daughter, Dagmar Vrkljan, on Sunday, November 17 – 1:00 p.m., here at DVSA. No registration required.

His life’s ambition, he maintained, was to enrich the lives of children. He loved to observe children as they opened his books for the first time and, watch as their eyes filled with amazement. “There is nothing more beautiful than the smile of a child and the spark that it creates in their eyes.” –Dagmar Vrkljan


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