Mission, Values & Strategic Priorities


Dundas Valley School of Art (DVSA) is recognized as a leader in fostering change, growth and transformation in communities through the visual arts


DVSA nurtures and supports creativity in the visual arts for learners of all ages and abilities by:

  • Offering studio instruction on-site and online,
  • Developing and delivering programs that provide funded art experiences (instruction, education, participation) to members of communities who may be marginalized due to any barriers including financial, physical, intellectual or social limitations,
  • Providing professional advice and support to organizations regionally, provincially and nationally, and
  • Championing artists through opportunities for learning, teaching, exhibiting and selling their work, and enabling a creative and supportive community.



DVSA is committed to a creative culture where we can be our best selves, supporting one another and making a difference to the individuals and communities we serve.

We are respectful in our interactions with others.

We are inclusive, creating space in the visual arts for voices that have been marginalized.

We are innovative, inspiring creative ideas and solutions.

We are collaborative, knowing we are stronger together.

Strategic Priorities

In 2021, the DVSA Board of Governors, in consultation with a comprehensive group of stakeholders, embarked on developing a five-year strategic plan for 2022-2026 that addresses three strategic priorities at DVSA.

Through an Engagement Plan, feedback was solicited from key stakeholders including the Board of Governors, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, donors and leaders from other not-for-profit organizations. An analysis of this feedback showed overwhelming support for the school’s freshly adopted Vision, Mission, and Values statements and the three identified strategic priorities: Equity, Planned Growth and Financial Sustainability.

  1. Equity – DVSA is committed to developing a diverse, inclusive and supportive environment.
  2. Planned Growth – DVSA will increase access to the visual arts by optimizing the capacity of on-site and online classes, developing off-site programmes through community partnerships, and serving as a professional resource.
  3. Financial Sustainability – DVSA will develop a plan to ensure the school’s sustainable future.