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“Art is a good way of grounding oneself. It’s a coping mechanism; it fundamentally saves us… Not save us… the way scientists, doctors, health staff and food providers will keep us alive, but in keeping us sane in the middle of all this uncertainty, isolation and boredom and making life bearable.”
– Toula Drimonis


Hi! I hope you are well and managing the best you can during this trying period. Keep healthy and safe – we’re looking forward to seeing you back at Dundas Valley School of Art soon.

The school facility is closed to the public, but we are still working. We are busy communicating with the community, planning and scheduling the summer and fall terms, and working to understand what this new reality will look like. We are keeping tabs on the building and ensuring everything is secure.

That’s the easy bit.

The real challenge comes when we officially reopen. Many of our community partners have reached out – schools, social service agencies and other not-for-profits – to inquire if DVSA programs will continue. A number of students have contacted us to express their concern. Like you, they all recognize the power of art to bring people together and heal. There is a strong sense of “We are all in this together” and I believe partnerships and mutual support will offer the best shot at surviving what’s still to come.

If you are in a position to do so, would you help? DVSA has little income coming into the school. For obvious reasons, our March Break Art Camps were called off, the 50th Art Auction is postponed and we officially cancelled our Spring term of classes. When reading some articles, my blood runs cold at the prospect of how COVID will affect our summer and even our fall programming – the consequences of which will be devastating.

DVSA’s art auction usually raises about $150,000 for our operating budget. Without this income, as we approach our fiscal year end, it leaves us in a very vulnerable position in what has already been a challenging year. Just before shuttering, we had news that we needed to find tens of thousands of dollars to repair the outside of our building – money that is nowhere in our budget.

Here’s how you could help:

  • I realize there are many pressing needs in the community, but if you would consider making a donation, possibly a monthly donation of $10, $20, whatever you are able to do, this would support us enormously. Click here.
  • Consider buying a gift card and hold the amount for future purchases. These can be used for program registrations, event tickets, gallery purchases or art supplies. Click here.
  • If you have a credit on your account, consider donating it for a tax receipt. To do so, send us an Email at let us know this is your preference – please include your full name.

Any of these options will assist us now, when we need it most.

We know you care about DVSA and the programs we offer, both at school and in the community. Our ability to undertake this work is something you can help ensure continues. Please consider investing in DVSA’s future and our work to rebuild our community one artist, one artwork, at a time.

Claire Loughheed
DVSA Executive Director




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