Jerry Hish

Jerry Hish

DVSA Foundation Certificate

I am currently a cartooning instructor at Dundas Valley School of Art and a humorous illustrator working in a variety of both traditional and digital mediums. After completing a 2 year foundation program at DVSA, I pursued a career freelancing in advertising, character licensing and toy design. Some clients I have had the pleasure to work for are The Hamilton Spectator Newspaper drawing spot article cartoons and The Cuddle Factory/Danu Inc. designing plush toys for the Disney Store.

Through the years I have been inspired by the humour of the Late Jim Unger who syndicated ‘Herman’…the now retired Gary Larson who syndicated ‘The Farside’ and Dan Piraro who draws the comic ‘Bizzaro’. Drawing funny pictures and teaching continues to be a full-filling career choice, and I look forward to making more silly scribbles to make you giggle.


  • Received a foundation art certificate at DVSA followed by teaching Cartooning Courses for the past 30 years at the school as well as at many libraries, galleries and community centres.

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