Heather Gross

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > B. Ed., M.Ed. Heather began her exploration of botanical art here at Dundas Valley School of Art. She took her first botanical watercolour workshop with artist/instructor Margaret Best in 2017. This happenstance workshop selection turned out to be a milestone in Heather’s interest and commitment to this art form. Her first […]

Zoë Pinnell

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > B.A. Zoë Pinnell is a ceramicist working out of her communal studio, Hamilton Craft Studios, in Hamilton, Ontario. She is a recent graduate of Sheridan College where she received a Bachelors of Craft and Design. Zoë’s work consists of illustrated sculptural and functional handbuilt objects that are decorated with colourful glazes, […]

Michelle Guitard

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > Michelle Guitard is a Canadian artist born in the 60s in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. She is currently living in St. George Ontario, while spending time painting in France, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, and Morocco.  Michelle for the last 10 years has  owned and operated  Art and Soul Creative. She teaches extensively […]

Mark Challen

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > Art history instructor Mark Challen is a design and style expert. He is the former Vice-President of Communications at Canadian House & Home magazine where he worked for 18 years, creating custom advertising campaigns for lifestyle companies like IKEA, Intel, Kraft, L’Oreal, and Homesense. Mark is also an accomplished public speaker […]

Karen Logan

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > A lifelong learner, Karen earned her Advanced Honours Certificates in Visual Arts from Mohawk College. Always looking for opportunities to try new media she is currently working between coloured pencil, pastel, acrylic, and Chinese Brush Painting. Originally a mechanical draftsperson and technical illustrator Karen prefers detailed illustrative work and is currently […]

Judy Major-Girardin

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > MFA, BFA My studio practice has included painting, drawing, printmaking, and book arts. My current work is focused on fiber-arts. Fiber aligns with my interest in slow, measured, practice, tactile experience and celebration of the hand made. Fabric and sewing enable me to create fluid, flowing and translucent works at a […]

Cassandra Ferguson

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > MFA, BFA Canadian artist Cassandra Ferguson is fueled by the seductive character of common objects and manufactured environments. Her work produces sculptures and drawings that reveal an interest in architecture, industrial manufacture and design practices. She explores a multi-faceted relationship to objects and spaces that draws from, and is reminiscent of, furniture design and architecture, […]

Ariella Boltinsky

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > B.F.A., Hons. Ariella is a lover of craft and a textile artist, having earned her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts from McMaster University in 2023. Her creative journey is fueled by a desire to explore and master a diverse array of artistic skills and techniques, and to educate and inspire others […]

Giulia Morosin

INSTRUCTOR View Classes >  As an avid walker and hiker, Giulia’s love of the Canadian landscape provides the inspiration needed to create bold and bright acrylic paintings. Finding shapes and layers of colour within the landscape are what bring these paintings to life. The ever-changing Canadian seasons allow for experimentation in movement and expression while […]

Heather Smith

INSTRUCTOR View Classes > B.A., Hons. When I was about 11, my first favourite fine-artist was Rene Magritte for his striking but simple dream-like compositions; Since then I’ve remained drawn to imagery that conveys a subtle surreality. My visual style and imagery are also influenced heavilly by children’s book illustrations and by a lifelong fascination […]