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Part of our DVSA Advanced Studio, Foundation Studies in Visual Art is a 1-year introductory program divided into four stages, beginning with intensive perceptual, formal, experimental and theoretical study, and ending with work on an independent project in a major and minor discipline.

This program is ideal for:

  • High school graduates looking to gain a solid theoretical understanding of art and design and build their portfolio in order to apply to a college/university program
  • Mature students seeking an immersive environment in which to develop a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the visual art process, theory and practice

You’ll have an opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and mediums within a multidisciplinary environment. Disciplines include painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, video, sculpture, installation and performance. Throughout the year, there are scheduled field trips, visiting artist lectures and workshops.

This program may be for you if:

  • You are serious about studying art and/or design, considering applying to a college or university art/design program and want to be ready to hit the ground running
  • Would like to evolve your visual arts language and your ability to communicate about your artwork and the work of others
  • Would like to develop your skills and build a compelling college/university application portfolio
  • Want to gain a more comprehensive understanding of contemporary art and artists
  • Are looking to connect with like-minded peers in a critical yet supportive atmosphere and develop meaningful work that addresses relevant issues and ideas

The Foundation Studies program provides an educational experience that allows you to discover your potential as a visual artist – to focus on personal interests, reflect on contemporary circumstances and experience an immersive pursuit of visual art subjects. Other learning outcomes include:

  • An in-depth understanding of art and design principles and a heightened knowledge of contemporary art theory
  • A body of work (concepts, studies and finished pieces) that can be included in your college/university application portfolio – work of impressive quality and insight that may even gain you advanced standing
  • A certificate of completion of the program and written transcripts to include in a university/college application
  • The ability to be self-motivated in planning and executing your work and develop productive collaborative relationships with instructors and fellow artists

Learn more about this program and how to apply here.





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