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DVSA Fall 2024 – Now With AI

No ChatBots or image generators – this Fall we bring you DVSA AI – Authentic Inspiration. Whether you’re looking to express yourself, challenge or heal your spirit, connect with others and/or further develop those creative skills, our Fall programs are sure to inspire art making that feels authentic, meaningful… and human.

Registration is now open for our Fall adult and children classes, including the return of our always fun DVSA Friday Nights. There are over 170 art-making options in Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Collage, Sculpture, Photography, Textile Art, Stained Glass, Mosaics, Stone and Wood Carving and more.

Obtain your PDF of our Fall 2024 Brochure to see what courses and workshops we have this term.
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NEW This Fall! We’re excited to announce a partnership with Royal Botanical Gardens featuring exciting autumn plein air courses on their grounds along with more options to come. All available classes at the RGB will be noted in our brochure. We’re also pleased to be continuing our partnership with Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre, offering a selection of our popular DVSA classes in their facility. Available classes in Ancaster will also be noted in our brochure.

Ready to register? Head over to our Classes page and get started. Look under Fall 2024, or call us at 905-628-6357 #1.

Printed copies of our Fall 2024 course brochure are now available at DVSA and at select locations very soon.
Special thanks to DVSA instructor Cassandra Ferguson for this fall’s cover art.

For an accessible version of our Fall Brochure, please click here.

Fall Online Class Options
Work on your art practice from home with online courses offering hands-on exercises, discussions and critiques with DVSA faculty and fellow students. We’re continuing to offer a selection of online classes for the Fall session. Be sure to check our Classes page to view our online course offerings.

Need access to an iPad in order to participate in one of our online courses? We’ve made some available for students – click here for details.









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