Sandee Ewasiuk


About Sandee Ewasiuk

Sandee is graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design in the field of Editorial Illustration. Prior to OCAD, she spent a year in the Fine Arts program at Niagara College where she worked to put a portfolio together for OCAD.  She was accepted into second year, advanced standing.

Following her graduation, Sandee worked in editorial illustration until her works turned into large paintings. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions as well as painted numerous commissioned pieces. She works out of her Dundas studio.

Currently, Sandee teaches at Dundas Valley School of Art and the Art Gallery of Burlington where she continues to learn from her students.

I love to continuously experiment with colour, texture and light… to create paintings that mostly represent the lighter side of life.  I think I learn something new every time I paint.

Featured Work

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