Samantha O’Connell

Hons. B.A.

About Samantha O’Connell

Creativity was always encouraged in my household, which resulted in my great passion for the arts. My education took place at McMaster University and I achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Honours History. In addition, I was trained at the Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts as a Soprano vocalist. I have extensive on-stage experience in dance, acting and singing at venues such as Theatre Aquarius and Hamilton Place. My artwork specializes in pattern, abstract, line art and cartooning. It features considerable detailing, bold lines and soft shade colouring. My choice of media includes pencil, fine tip ink, pencil crayon, watercolour and acrylic paint. In addition, its subject matter often depicts nature, animals, fantasy creatures or children’s cartoons. I have always had an interest in children’s art and education. Everyday, they approach life, learning and drawing with optimism and creativity. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist.” I encourage children to explore their imagination and express themselves, through traditional and innovative artistic techniques.

The most rewarding part of teaching is revealing the inner artist in my students. My artwork and interactive programming is designed to inspire children’s technical skills and creativity.

Featured Work

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