Guennadi Kalinine

Kazan College, B. Hist. B. Art History, Kazan State University

About Guennadi Kalinine

Guennadi immigrated to Canada from Russia in 2003, started a career as a full-time artist and founded GK Studio in downtown Dundas, Ontario. An accomplished painter, restorer and teacher, Guennadi has over 30 years of experience painting landscapes, portraits, figures and traditional Russian icons, mastering the most ancient techniques for painting and guilding with the ability to skillfully integrate them with modern media. Has successfully restored work by the Group of Seven, the school of Barbizon and many privately owned paintings as well as wooden and ceramic artifacts. Has nine years of experience teaching in Canada to children and adults of all levels of expertise, both in a group setting and on a one-to-one basis.

In my paintings, I always attempt to capture something extraordinary and unique in the common objects, try to express my sense of the mystery of being in the world. I create, hoping that the viewers will be able to share my fascination.

Featured Work

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