Artist Talk – Dagmar Kovar

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Dagmar Kovar was born in Bohemia, the very heart of Europe. There, she studied chemistry for her original profession. After relocating to Canada twenty years ago, she changed her focus to art. From her studio in London, Ontario, she maintains an active art practice that also includes teaching and exhibiting her work internationally.

Dagmar works primarily in fibre as well as drawing. With fibre, she creates works of a wide range of size, spanning from palm size sculptures to room occupying installations. Materials of her choice are wool and silk, of which she says, “Their nature itself – strength, vulnerability, and perishability, together with their historical connection to humanity – represent the voice of my work. The relationships with techniques I use guide me on the way, inspiring what will come out at the end. With my works, I hope to visit places where we connect to the world.”

Dagmar has exhibited in Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and China. She’s received a number of government grants in support of her work which is represented in private and public collections.

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