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Our digital Art Care Packages contain a collection of things you may find inspiring, mood brightening, informative, useful, calming or just entertaining entrances to “rabbit holes” sure to help while away the time. We hope this will be of help to our artist community and anyone who is creatively inclined – which, in our view, is everyone.

Art Care Package 1 is here.
Art Care Package 2 is here.
Art Care Package 3 is here.
Art Care Package 4 is here.

For those of you able to continue working on your art from your home during this period of social distancing, please keep at it. May this time allow you to go deeper into your practice, branch out and try something new or finally finish a piece long overdue. If you have young artists and/or family members at home, make them your priority. And, do what you can to carve out time for yourself to be creative, to stay connected and grounded.

To all essential service workers, thank you for your efforts and care and for going into work during these trying days.

If you are feeling isolated right now, know you are not alone. At DVSA’s core is a thriving artist community and we will do our best to maintain those ties by sharing artwork, videos, messages and images from across our community and other resources. Hopefully, these will keep you in a positive and creative frame of mind until we can all return to the studios and pick up the paintbrushes, charcoal, pencils and trimming tools and get back to making art. Together.

Be safe, take care and stay inspired,
– The DVSA Team

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