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Supporting academic success through personalized tutoring

Designed for high-school students, DVSA’s Academic Success Program is offered in conjunction with Brainstorm Academy and helps teens achieve higher grades and produce better work as they complete their online or in-school courses. Each morning, students receive tutoring in the STEM subject areas (science, technology, engineering and math) along with individual coaching on writing assignments, building strong study habits and conducting research. In the afternoon, the focus switches to the art and science of photography. Students study proper camera use and photography fundamentals and receive in-depth lessons on the digital editing process. Upon successful completion of the required coursework, there is an opportunity to earn a Grade 10, 11, or 12 photography credit through Brainstorm Academy.

Available Monday to Friday as either a two or three day a week option held at DVSA, the Academic Success Program offers additional studying oversight and the structure of a fully monitored program.

Benefits include:

  • Personalized tutoring and support from highly skilled instructors
  • Small classes (6-8 students)
  • Access to DVSA’s state-of-the-art technology lab
  • The opportunity for students to work at their own pace
  • Flexible scheduling based upon individual school class schedules

For more information on this program for Dundas/Hamilton students and to register, please call 905-628-6357 #1.

The DVSA Academic Success Program offered in conjunction with Brainstorm Academy

Pricing (7 week program)

  • Tutoring only (A.M) – $3,500 for 2 days a week, $5,500 for 3 days a week
  • Photography program only (P.M.) – $2,190 for 2 days a week, $3,290 for 3 days a week
  • Tutoring & Photography program (A.M. and P.M.) – $5,406 for 2 days, $8,350 for 3 days (includes a 5% discount when registering for the full day program)

Notes re: Province of Ontario Ministry of Education High School Art Course Credits: 

  • To take grade 12 photography, students must have successfully completed grade 11 photography.
  • To take grade 11 photography, students must have successfully completed either grade 9 (AVI1O) or grade 10 visual arts (AVI2O)
  • To take grade 10 photography, there is no prerequisite.


Emily Degeus, B.Sc (Hons.)
Emily Degeus has been with Brainstorm Academy for one and a half years.  In this time, she has worked with students in elementary and secondary level courses, teaching mathematics, biology, chemistry, and general science.  She has worked with students both in-person, virtually, as well as through our online course platform where she is currently the lead developer of the grade 11 biology program for the online platform.  Emily has an honours degree in Science with a focus in biology, from McMaster University ‘20 in Hamilton, graduating with distinction.

Konrad Kucheran, B.Sc
Konrad Kucheran has been with Brainstorm Academy for over two years. In this time, he has worked with students from elementary to university level in physics, chemistry, biology, calculus, data management, advanced functions, anatomy, physiology, general math and general science. He has worked in one on one settings, in small groups, and using online learning platforms. Konrad has a degree in Medical Physics from Western University ’10 and is currently getting a second bachelors’ degree in sociology (McMaster ’22).

Jordan Rakowski, B.Eng
Jordan Rakowski has worked with Brainstorm Academy and its predecessors for the past 12 years, working his way from part-time tutor to Director and Principal in this time.  His instructional focus has been grade 11 and 12 mathematics, chemistry, physics, and computer science, as well as college and university level mathematics and physics.  He has also been redeveloping the school’s online course offerings in order to better reflect the current learning styles, best-practices, and student preferences in a wide variety of courses.  Jordan has a degree in Engineering Physics, focusing on Nuclear and Alternate Energy, from McMaster University ’10.  He has attended many educational professional development programs, as well as worked at private high schools in a variety of administrative capacities from director of academics to principal, leading the schools successfully through Ontario Ministry of Education inspections.

Miles Wallace, B.A, B.Ed., O.C.T. 
Miles Wallace has been an instructor at Dundas Valley School of Art in Hamilton for over 5 years.  His proficiencies as an artist include photography, as well as acrylic and oil painting, and an eclectic range of digital art and illustration skills.  Working with kids is important to Miles because they remind him not to take himself too seriously, and to continue to appreciate the simpler things in life.  “My courses aim to build foundational and practical art skills in young people so they can pursue their own inquiry-based projects in the future. By including history, theory, process, and technique within my lessons, I hope to expand the artistic horizons of all my students and to provide them with a vision for how they can use art to enrich their lives.”



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