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Ward Shipman

B.A., B.Ed

Ward Shipman’s gift is expressed, not only in his consistently impressive output of personal and commissioned work, but also in his dedicated career as art educator.  He is a teacher of many years for Hamilton’s high schools, Mohawk College, and Dundas Valley School of Art.  As the best example for his students’ to model after, Shipman engages in his passion for art in all its facets.  Along with solo and group exhibitions of his work, Shipman is featured in interviews and  publishes in books, magazines, and art cards.  He has won awards in art competitions worldwide.  Spectrum Publication, Prix de Paris photo competition, and Photo-Ed Magazine are a few of the places where you can follow Ward Shipman’s artistic progress.

The artist’s drawings, paintings and photography reflect deep understanding of classical art and history. While his technical proficiency is evidence of serious discipline, Shipman’s art embodies a very contemporary feel and approach.  His more privately inspired pieces are freely experimental using a combination of digital and photoshop to great effect.

A love of the south-western Canadian landscape, his home for many years, is expressed in his numerous interpretative paintings.  Conservations, waterfalls, mist laden woods and hills of Ontario are some of the artist’s favourite motifs.   Frequently used imageries are of mirrored reflections in ponds and northern skies.

Commissions as well as personal portraitures in oil, acrylic, and photography show Shipman is keenly insightful of his models.  His clever use of chiaroscuro lighting and heavy cast shadows powerfully reveal hidden characteristics.  Finished portraits are painterly and full of drama.

The artist’s fine art photography is personal in nature.  They tell stories of solitary people in imaginative realms.  They are in flight, are born from the elements, something magical.  Like actors in half dreamlike  half wakeful  states, their existence are totally dependent on Shipman’s constructed world of ember light.

Background, Exhibitions & shows

Educated in Canada’s McMaster University, University of Toronto and OCAD, Shipman had formal training from esteemed artists that included Alan J. Scott and George Wallace. He holds a Honours B.A. in Visual Art and Art History and an Honours B.Ed. in Visual Arts.

2012 – 2015  Focus Gallery, James St. N.,Hamilton
2014 -2015  Mcmaster Gallery Dundas  group show
2013  Received bronze medal for digital manipulation in the Prix de Paris photography competition
2010-2015  Innovation Park Hamilton group exhibit
2012 – 2015  337 Sketch Gallery, Ottawa  St. N., Hamilton.  “Miniatures”, “8 SQ Show”, “On Reflection.  2  person show”.   Member of weekly Life-Drawing group.
2010 – 2015  Jessica Roth Studio, James St. N., Hamilton. Annual “ Figurative” Shows.
2010  Boris Brott Music Festival, James St. N., Hamilton .   “Planets –Neptune the mystic “ interpretation  in visual art.
2008-2009  Dorland Haight galleries Dundas
2008 – 2010  Kohl Gallery, Eglington St., Toronto. Gallery artist.
2007 – 2008  Loose Canon Gallery, James St. N., Hamilton. 1 man show  Group Shows.  Paintings.
2006 -2007  Parker Pearce Gallery, Hamilton.   “Light Reflection, Shadow Fall”  A 2 Person Show.  “Shock Show”  Group exhibit.
2005 – 2006  The Kensington Gallery, Hamilton.  “Placed in light “ a 2 Person show.
2004  J.W. Bush gallery “Green Man” 1 person show
2003  Transit Gallery “ Icons for a Secular World” 1 man show
1998-Present  Dundas Valley School of Art Auction

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