At Dundas Valley School of Art, we believe art plays a vital role in changing how we think about the world. By creating art, we connect with our senses through investigation, conversation and exploration. Dundas Valley School of Art is a thriving hub for artists and art instruction. Our courses, lectures and workshops bring together artists of all ages and from all walks of life. Our studios provide an exciting environment in which to learn from the masters and from each other.


Kathron Hann
Executive Director
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 228

Sally McKay
Visual Arts Director
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 227

Kate Lantagne
Director of Development
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 203

Ikram Mahamood
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 205

Keir Overton
Director of Marketing, Events & Digital Strategy
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 204

Alicia Orr
Events & Program Facilitator
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 208

Corinne Nyffenegger
Marketing & Communications Manager
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 201

Bonnie Wheeler
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 202

Anna Wisniowski
Registration Coordinator
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 206

Dejan Sokolovic
Building Coordinator
PH: 905-628-6357

Lisa Jefferies
Program Facilitator
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 232

Janine Jones
Administrative Assistant
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 233

Devon Martin
Evening Reception
PH: 905-628-6357 ext. 207

Board Members

Carol Rand, Chair
Pam Lakin, Past Chair CPA, CA
Dina Farnan, Vice Chair
Pam Lushington, Secretary & Treasurer


John Bainbridge
Elizabeth (Liz) Bourns
Robert Allan (Al) McDiarmid
Yar Taraky
Grace Wang

Honourary Members

John Evans
Dr. Alvin Lee
Harley Murphy